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Lusca Caribbean International Fantastic Film Fest

Lusca Film Festival

LUSCA Caribbean International Fantastic Film Fest is the mayor international film festival in the Caribbean devoted to Sci-Fi, Thriller, Fantasy, Anime, Animations, Adventure, Dark Humor, Bizarre, Cult, and the very best of Horror in Short and Feature Films. Born as the Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest in 2006 to put focus on independent high quality genre film, and since 2009 in the form of a competitive festival.

Preview some of the shorts

Cold Storage

Director: Thomas Freundlich
Country: Finland
Duration: 9min

Blood Sport

Director: Cara McWilliam-Richardson
Country: United Kingdom
Duration: 26ss
Synopsis: Two hunters prepare their rifles, but their sights are set on something rather sinister.

The Baby’s Crying

Director: Bob Pipe
Country: United Kingdom
Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: It’s every parent’s worst nightmare… it’s the middle of the night and the baby’s crying… but the nightmare is only just beginning.

The Witching Hour

Director: Riley Geis
Country: USA
Duration: 12min
Synopsis: On Halloween, a fearful young boy is taken by the spooky girl next door on a haunted night of mischief and adventure.


Director: Juan Silva
Country: Spain
Duration: 5min
Synopsis: Two men immersed into the organized crime, in what it seems to be one more day of their regular and dark routines, which make the mistake of getting rid of a body in the wrong place.


Director: Celine Held, Logan George
Country: USA
Duration: 11
Synopsis: Fueled by coke, a desperate couple attempts to capitalize on an unlikely opportunity.

María Fernanda in time

Director: Xavier Pijuan
Country: Spain
Duration: 9min
Synopsis: An overprotective mother produces an accident with terrible consequences in the space-time continuum in the scientific laboratory where his son works.


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